Additional rental information:


It is the responsibility of owners to ensure their guests have sufficient and accurate instructions about accessing the gated community and understand the community’s Rules & Regulations.  Below is a list of reminders, tips and requirements for owners and their guests.

  • Before occupancy by anyone other than the owners, a Snowline Renter Form [Snowline Form 002]  must completed by the property owner or his/her authorized representative and submitted to the Community Manager/Office.  The owner is responsible for paying a nightly rental fee – currently $8 per night for the first 14 nights.

  • A valid fob/card is required to open the gate. Guests can also dial the cabin’s 3-digit code from the gate intercom for someone inside the cabin to open the gate by dialing 9 on their phone. Gate may remain opened between 3:00 and 7:00 PM during certain busy times.

  • The gate area is monitored and recorded by cameras 24/7.

  • ONLY ONE vehicle can enter the gate per entry request because the gate comes down quickly and without warning right after one vehicle passes. Any damage to the gate must be reported to the Snowline Office immediately or additional fines will be levied.

  • Owners are ultimately responsible for any damages or fines caused by their guests.

  • Speed limit is 15 MI (24 KM) per hour and is strictly enforced.

  • NO parking is allowed at any time on any of the community roads or roads’ edges.

  • Noise levels shall be kept at a minimum at all times, but especially between 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM. Sound travel very well in this quiet community, especially at night (e.g. talking and laughing loud while in the hot tub/on the deck).

  • Garbage and Recycling must be deposited in the correct bins per instructions posted.

  • Cardboard must be flattened before putting in the bin.

  • Tents, trailers, mobile homes or recreational vehicles shall not be stored on Snowline lots or common property and shall not be used as temporary or permanent housing.

  • Camping is NOT allowed in Snowline.