2020 AGM Update

October 18, 2020

As mentioned below (September 19 update), due to the COVID pandemic situation, and in compliance with the State of Washington guidance, Snowline's 2020 Annual General Meeting ​was conducted via mail-in ballot.

Those ballots were due by 12:00 PM, October 17 and the results are reflected below.


  • Quorum requirement, based on Snowline residency, is 15% of membership (43 lot owners).

    • Based on the mail-in ballots, quorum was established with 25% (71 lots) representation.


  • Approval of the Agenda 

    • Approved by unanimous vote

  • Approval of the 2019 AGM Minutes 

    • Approved by unanimous vote

  • Ratification of 2021 Budget

    • Approved by unanimous vote

  • Approval to waive financial audit (2/3 majority required)

    • Financial audit waiver approved by 99% majority


  • The new Board of Directors for year 2020-2021 are as recommended.  These nominees were elected by majority vote.

Once the meeting minutes have been finalized, the documents will be posted on our document share and a link provided on our webpage.

Thank you all who exercised their right to vote.  Your participation is very much appreciated.

Your Snowline Board of Directors


COVID 19 Update

September 19, 2020

During the August, 2020 monthly Board Meeting, the Board discussed this year's Annual General Meeting (AGM).  Historically, the AGM has been held the 3rd week of October at the Clubhouse.  Given this year's pandemic, the State of Washington has provided guidance on the procedures surrounding the hosting of AGMs.  As of result of this guidance, the Board has passed a resolution to host the AGM via a mail-in ballot meeting.

The full details of the resolution can be found here.  

The 2020 AGM package can be found here.

August 5, 2020

Due to the current state of the COVID pandemic, short-term rentals are currently under restrictions as per Washington COVID-19 state order. Please review details related to the WA state’s phased reopening here. As these are ever changing times, guidelines and restrictions continue to evolve and as we receive more information from government agencies, we will update our website.  

To reiterate the current status and requirements:

  • Whatcom County is currently in Phase 2 and all Phase 2 requirements are in effect

  • Short-term rentals are required to monitor customers using Contact Tracing and COVID-19 notifications in compliance with Phase 2 guidelines.  This compliance is consistent with all Washington state businesses.

  • Gather with no more than 5 people outside your household per week.

  • Face masks continue to be required for all, when in public spaces and unable to maintain 6 feet separation.

We all need to do our part to protect our small community.

June 22, 2020

Effective June 26, a statewide order requires everyone to wear a face covering in indoor public spaces and outdoors when you cannot stay 6 feet apart from others (outside of your own household).  Please refer to the link below for further details.


Additionally, with respect to recent guidelines from county health officers, the following are the current plans for updating access to Snowline's common facilities:

  • Playground and other outdoor facilities (except pool)

    • Open with physical distancing signage

  • Small Bathroom

    • Plan to open with Phase 3

  • Clubhouse

    • Plan to open with Phase 3 for access to small bathroom only

    • No access to games tables

  • Pool

    • The pool will remain closed until further notice.  We do not have the resources to comply with procedural requirements imposed by the Department of Health.

  • Enhanced security patrol measures continues to be in placed

May 16, 2020

A big thank to those members who have been following the rules and guidelines of Washington State’s Stay Home Stay Healthy order to keep the community safe.  Particularly, the majority of owners who made the tough decision to stop short-term rentals for the duration of the order to the end of May.

As we transition from Phase 1 to Phase 2 of the Safe Start plan beginning June 1, we can expect short-term rentals and personal uses to ramp up.  Members and their guests should keep in mind that all Snowline common amenities including the pool, washrooms, tennis courts, playground, clubhouse etc. will remain closed until they can be re-opened safely.

Members are recommended to check for updates on Washington government websites: 

and our own website: 

We have stocked the pond with fish!  Although the Fishing Derby event was cancelled, members and their guests are welcome to go fishing provided they can observe safety guidelines by practicing proper physical distancing and avoid gathering of groups larger than 5 people who do not live in the same household​.


Snowline Community Club is the ultimate year-round destination being just minutes from Mt. Baker Ski Resort and surrounded by nature! Snowline is a great community of cabin owners enjoying everything nature has to offer.

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