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Some members of the Snowline Community Club (SCC) choose to have their cabins available for rent. Use your favorite short term vacation rental providers or a local agency if you’d like to book a cabin.


It is the responsibility of owners to ensure their guests have sufficient and accurate instructions about accessing our gated community and understand the SCC rules & regulations. Below is a list of reminders, tips and requirements for owners and their renters.


For renters and guests:

  • Snowline is a residential community and does not offer any on-site rental or guest services. This is the responsibility of the cabin host.

  • There is limited to no cell service at the gate entrance and within the Snowline community.

  • A valid fob/card is required to open the gate. Guests can also dial the cabin’s 3-digit code from the gate intercom for someone inside the cabin to open the gate by dialing 9 on their phone. Gate may be open between 3-7 PM during certain busy times.

  • The Snowline Resident Manager and employees are not available to help open the gate, find or access cabins. Be sure to get all the information you need prior to your Snowline arrival.

  • Respect the privacy and peaceful enjoyment of the Snowline community. Do not knock-on doors for directions, particularly at night.

  • Review the Snowline Rules and Regulations, all subject to fines. Highlights include:

    • One vehicle per gate opening. The gate closes very fast after one vehicle passes; do not try to sneak through as this may damage your vehicle and the gate resulting in hefty fines. The gate area is under 24/7 video surveillance. Damage to the gate must be reported to the Snowline office immediately or additional fines will be levied.

    • 15 miles/hour speed limit. Roads are also our sidewalks.

    • No parking on any community roads or road edges.

    • Be quiet, particularly between 11PM and 7AM weekdays, 11PM and 8AM weekends. Sound travels far in the woods.

    • Dogs need to be leashed, in full control and kept out of the playground.

    • Pickup all dog poop and put bags in garbage containers.

    • Fireworks and weapon discharge of any type are not allowed.

    • Honor fire bans, when in effect, as indicated by signs at community entry.

    • Follow posted garbage, recycling rules and protocols.

  • Get familiar with the great outdoors:

    • Do not leave garbage outside, as it attracts wild animals to the community.

    • There is little to no cell phone signal east of Maple Falls to Snowline/Glacier.

    • Power outages happen often; be prepared.

    • Internet is limited and slow; check with your host for details.

    • Do not leave outdoor fires unattended and extinguish entirely when done; maintain minimum 25 feet of clearance from structures and trees all around and above.

    • Noise travels in the woods, especially at night (e.g. talking and laughing loud while in the hot tub/on the deck).

    • Leave no trace – take only pictures, leave only footprints.

    • Camping is not allowed in Snowline.

    • Snowline is a quiet, peaceful community – respect the beautiful sanctity this area provides for all.


For owners who rent:

  • Complete the Cabin Contact Details [Form 3] prior to your first rental occurrence. and submit a completed Snowline Renter Form [Form 002] before check-in or ASAP during their stay; Form 2 must be completed prior to the guest checkout. Complete forms electronically here.

  • Learn more about electronic registration and fee payments here.

  • Snowline Renter Form [Form 002] is not the renter’s responsibility. Even if you use an agency, the owners are ultimately accountable. The owner is responsible for paying a rental fee to Snowline. The current fee is $35 per occurrence. This fee is paid as part of Form 2 completion. Form 2 must be completed prior to guest departure; the Principal Renter is the person paying for the booking. Include all guest names and license plates on the form.

  • Owners are responsible for any damages or fines caused by their guests.

  • Tents, trailers, mobile homes or recreational vehicles shall not be stored on Snowline lots or common property and shall not be used as temporary or permanent housing.

  • We recommend the housekeeper or owner dispose of garbage and recyclables. If renters do it during their stay, ensure they know how to do it properly.

  • Provide sufficient directions to your cabin in print or by providing offline.

  • Make sure your renters have the Snowline Rules and Regulations and are familiar with expectations for the Snowline community, as detailed in Renter information above.

  • Provide renters clear instructions prior to their arrival, particularly with regards to:

    • Limited to no cell service.

    • Directions to Glacier, Snowline, how to get to cabin once within Snowline.

    • Directions on how to get through the Snowline gate and how to open the cabin door.

    • How to retrieve gate fobs/cards, and/or get buzzed in from the gate intercom.

    • Please note: Snowline Resident Manager and employees are not available to assist with the following: opening gate, finding or accessing cabin.

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