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Snowline History

The property on which the Snowline Community Club was developed certainly holds some history to it.  Below is some information drawn from the Snowline Historical Committee:

"The Snowline property was deeded to the Sampson family in 1907 by the Federal Government as part of the Homestead Act that encouraged settlement of virgin land.  On this property, the Sampson Cabin was built.  The Sampson Cabin is a significant example of early 20th century log construction in eastern Whatcom County, Washington and an important surviving remnant of the early years of travel and tourism along the route to Mount Baker.  The Snowline property is in the town of Glacier, Washington; the community of Glacier was a small settlement at the edge of the Mount Baker forest, a service centre for the remote logging, mining, and agricultural districts in the vicinity.

The Sampson family cabin was placed on the Washington State Registry of Historic Places in November of 1988.  Upon being deemed a Historic Site."

If you would like to read more about the Snowline property and its history, download the PDF.

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