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Snowline Community Club provides members and visitors with many amenities and activities! Check out the info below to learn more about what is included in the Snowline experience!



Snowline Community Club is a very family oriented community.  With amenities such as a playground and outdoor picnic tables, this is the perfect place for families to get outside and have fun together!

The Snowline community also puts on seasonal events that provide great family fun!  These include a Halloween potluck and kids' scavenger hunt, a summertime fishing derby, a kid's sports day, and many more!

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The Snowline Community Club is a great place to visit in both the winter, and the warmer seasons! While Mt. Baker Ski Area is what put Snowline on the map, the community club's amenities are what bring people around all year! With an outdoor pool, a tennis court, a fishing pond, a large children's play area, walking trails, and picnic areas, Snowline has plenty to do all year-round!

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Snowline Community Club hosts seasonal community events that you won't want to miss! Open to members and renters, Snowline's seasonal potlucks are a great way to bring the community together.  Each potluck involves guests bringing a side dish or dessert of their choosing, big enough to feed the number of people in their party attending the event.  Then Snowline takes care of the rest: members of the board spend hours preparing an accompanying meat, and beverages including soda, beer, and wine are provided.  The potlucks are a great way to mingle and to build the community!

In addition to the potlucks, Snowline also puts on an annual fishing derby, kids' scavenger hunt, and a Sports Day event!

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